Story of a young single mother chapter 9

Hey everyone, first of all i would like to apologize for not posting in a while. My daughter poured water on my laptop so i had to get it repaired first. But i am happy to tell you that now that my laptop is back, you guys can expect a new chapter everyday as usual.

It was around eight (8) pm when I heard a knock on my door. I tried to raise my head but it was heavy, it was Vuyi so i had to get up and go open for him, i couldn’t get up and get to the door fast enough because my head was soo heavy and while walking to the door i was worried about how am I going to explain this to Vuyi? But I went up to the door and opened for him he greeted me with a kiss and told me that he had bought Pizza for supper, I thanked him asked him if we could stay at my place for that night because I was not feeling well then he agreed and went out to park the car in a right place, he came back I was a little drowsy and he noticed that something was not right. And my eyes were swollen so he asked me if I had been crying? And I couldn’t lie to him so I just told him the truth.

He was angry because he was not there to protect me but most of all he was angry at the guy for doing this to me, but I told him that its not his fault and I’ll be fine, we ate and prayed together, then I took my pills and dozed off to thongoland… He woke me up the next day and I was not feeling any better so we decided to go and see my GP. I took a bath then we went to the Dr, he gave me an injection for the pain and also gave me some meds and then we went back home. But Vuyi had to leave me because he was going to work, as for me I reported sick and I was booked off until monday. I stayed home in bed most of the time, round about 2 o’clock my ex called me. I picked up the phone, he said he was around in town and he needs to see me so we can talk, I said i will get back to him and then I called Vuyi and asked him what to do? he said I must let him come, I did that he came to my place he apologised for hurting me and I said it was OK, he sat there telling me that he still loves me and he wants to make things right between us. I just sat there kept quiet. I will admit i loved the guy, feelings don’t just disappear, but i was never going to give him a chance to hurt me again NO!! And I can’t do this to Vuyi, he was soo good to me.. Ok so as for this crazy ex I just told him we will talk about this when I’m fine and he was OK with that, then he kissed me on my forehead, I just smiled at him and he left. Then I got out of bed and made myself eggs and bread, ate then went back to bed..

After 6 Vuyi came home and cooked a nice meal for me, after eating we prayed and went to bed. The next day it was a friday so I visited home for the weekend and spent time with my little girl. I enjoyed being around her, especially when i was feeling a little down, she was the light of my life and always brightened my day, sunday I woke feeling much better so i went to church with my family, after church Vuyi came to fetch me and we went back! when we got to my place this guy(the ex) was there already, eish I forgotten that he had spare keys to my place, he was watching a movie when we got there so we just stood there and he asked Vuyi to give us some space we need to talk, Vuyi went to his place and we talked. I told him I still love him a lot but I need a break from him, for obvious reason, first being that he neglected me and walked out of my life when i needed him and also the fact that he tried to kill me, suprisingly he understood… Then I asked him to leave my keys which he did and then he went back to Bloem, I called my Vuyi he came and we decided to go his mom for supper. It was always nice to be around his family, this time even his friend Sivu was there, it was a week before his big day so he came to discuss some things with his best man. We had supper and then I cleared the table and went to the kitchen to do the dishes while they were busy talking in the living room. I made some tea for them and Vuyi’s mom then went to our room to put Vuyi’s clothes for work the next day since it was a monday, I took a bath then wore my pjys and went to bed. After a while Vuyi came in and he kissed me for a very long time and then we broke off the kiss, he told me that he loves me and I just smiled at him!! But my heart was not smiling at all, I was confused I loved my ex so much, we had been through so much together and we had been together for a long time before he started acting up on me. But a big part of me was scared to get back with him because he showed that me that he could kill me and besides Vuyi was very good to me, so I decided at that very moment that I’m staying with Vuyi. I guess i listened to the saying of “LOVE THE ONE YOU WITH”. I decided that I will call my ex the next day at work and tell him its really over between us!

We kissed passionately and we had a session for about 30 minutes, i will not get in to details like i always do because today i am tired and a bit lazy to type. After our session I fell asleep on his chest like i always do. The next day woke up and prepared for work. It was a hectic day at work but while i was at work i managed to call my ex to let him know that it is really over between me and him, surprisingly he respected my decision but told me that he will always love me so whenever I’m ready to fix things he’s just a call away OK, to be honest i expected him to freak out and be very angry just like he was angry and almost killed me when i told him that i moved on with my life without him. Ok so my day was very busy, so busy i couldn’t even check up on my man and on that same day I had to go and see a tailor for fittings so that i can also get my wedding attire. I only had four days left till the wedding but that was ok because I wanted something that was just nice and simple. And wow the tailor lady knew exactly what I wanted, The dress was stunning… The day went by and then i went to my place and took some clothes then headed straight to Vuyi’s place, he was not there yet when i arrived so I decided to cook so long.. I finished up and went to take a bath, by the time i was done he was back and then I dished up for us and we ate. after eating we watched TV and at about 10pm we prayed and went to bed, just as we were kissing and about to get it on there was a knock at the door, who could that be soo late???? he went to get the door and then booom the baby’s mama and the baby were standing at the door…………………. Yhooo I wonder??????

please share my story.. there is still more i want to share!