Story of a young single mother chapter 5

Things were really going well between me and my new man, he was always there for me, he even suggested to me that I must look for my own place because he’s too old to sit in the car whenever he comes to see me. I thought to myself yhaaaa it’s a good idea. It was a very mature thought from my mature man, f*ck boys will never tell you something like this, infact they don’t even mind having s*x in the car, but matured men will tell you to get your own place or they will book a hotel smile emoticon . A part of me wondered why didn’t i meet this guy sooner kodwa? i mean i have been through so much hurt and pain, why did it take so long for me to meet this man who loves me and appreciates me? Ok anyway so I starting looking for a flat around town and finally I got it, I moved the following month and wow it felt so nice to finally have my own space and freedom. I imagined all the things i was going to do to my man here at my new place. S*ex in the kitchen, on the floor, in the bathroom, in the bedroom, against the wall and everywhere else there is enough space for me to spread my legs tongue emoticon smile emoticon . Lol haha i was just excited to finally have my own space and freedom and i was going to use this freedom to do as i please with my man. Lol maybe i’ll even buy myself a vibrator because now i can get naughty when i am alone without fears of anyone walking in on me while i am about to cum.. Lol that would be embarrassing, i know the faces we women make when we are about to cum looks very funny sometimes. pacman emoticon pacman emoticon

Everything was actually going well for me in my life and i felt like every piece was just falling into place automatically without much effort from me. I was genuinely happy smile emoticon but still Linda didn’t give up he kept on calling me at work even though I told him to back off because I have moved on with my life and naye he should do the same. He tried to do that but i guess he couldn’t pull it off because his boss kept on calling me on mondays telling me that this guy is not coming to work properly and when he does come to work he comes drunk smelling like a brewery, I told him that we are no longer together me and Linda, but he said the guy needs help and I’m the only person he will listen to, I told him that I will think about it but i am not promising anything because i want nothing to do with Linda and i don’t owe Linda anything. And then his mom called me and said the same thing! Ok his mom was a good woman and clearly this was stressing the poor woman, and i was raised to respect and help elders, ok so I decided why not?? let me talk to him its not like we are getting back together mos??

I called him we spoke and I asked for his details so i could book him in a rehab center and he agreed. His boss and his mom were grateful, i don’t know why his boss never considered firing him, i guess Linda was exceptionally good at his job or maybe he was friends with his boss, anyway i didn’t even care because Linda was nolonger my baby to care for. On the the other hand I always had fun with MR smile emoticon .. Well jah the guy was older than me but I couldn’t careless! I just loved him so much he was exactly the kind of guy I wanted in my life, the guy treated my daughter as his own child. And we would got to visit his parents in Bloem, everything was just amazing between us, i was happy until someone that I work with saw him one day when he brought me to work this other time and she called him by some other name I didn’t know and I said NO this is not him, she asked me if I had his pic in my phone? Then I showed her the pic and she said to me this guy is not who he says he is! he is married with two kids and his wife is working somewhere else. It came as an unexpected shock to me, i couldn’t even speak because i didn’t even know what to say so I pretended that she didn’t say anything, but this haunted me, i couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I investigated this issue my own way only to find out that he lied to me. i have to admit it really hurt. I know i have been hurt before by a lot of guys but to be honest a girl can never get used to this kind of pain. Ok so i found out he was lying to me, now the question was how am I going to confront him? But it has to be done soon as possible so I asked him to come to my place after work, he agreed. Ok later on around 6 late he called and asked me not to cook he was taking me out and I agreed, I took a bath and wore some jeans and a white shirt, he came around 7 to fetch and we went to riverside lodge. We we ordered drinks and food while we were waiting for our food I told him that I’m not going to play hide and seek I will just get straight to the point and I begged him to be honest with me. Ok he promised to be honest, I immediately asked him if was married and he didn’t even deny It. I wanted him to say everything wasn’t true, that he was mistaken for someone else, but it was all true the wife, the kids and everything else I immediately lost my appetite. I couldn’t help it I was so heartbroken, tears were just rolling down my cheeks uncontrollably. I just wanted to get out of his sight as in now!! After i had gotten caught dating that married man who was a family friend i had told myself that i don’t want to do something that again, My parents were so disappointed when they found out that i was dating the married family friend, and don’t even get me started on his wife, yohhh… anyway i was so crushed, how could he make me do this, hurt his wifeand his kids like this? what was his family saying about me? what kind of a person I am to take somebody’s husband? why did he do this to me? Why me? Why do things always have to end in a bad way for me? Those questions were racing in my mind but I couldn’t even open my mouth to ask him..

All he could say was that he was very sorry and he never meant to hurt me. How could he even say that?? He did it mos?? and he did it without even thinking about my feelings. Infact did he even think abou his wife when he did this? What about his kids, did he think about them? did he think about how this was going to affect them? Nxlah what i have learned is that men only think for themselves and their d*cks. I decided to go to the bathroom and while i was in there I called a CAB and waited for it outside. The taxi arrived and I left him there without saying a word, I wanted nothing to do with him not even his food. I was soo angry I arrived at my place and i just cried myself to sleep with lots of unanswered questions. Why was I so unlucky with relationships? I’m beautiful, young and smart or at least I thought so, but I couldn’t have a man who loved me? Eish this was terrible, i even ended up thinking that maybe i am cursed. He kept on calling I told him to back off! I admitted to him that I love him it was not going to change overnight, but I needed sometime alone to think about this, I fell asleep and woke up the next morning! I didn’t even want to go to work but i can’t sit around moping all day, and besides i have got bills to pay and a daughter to feed. Ok so i got ready for work, and just when i was about to leave he showed up on my door, he wanted to take me to work I refused. Can you believe the nerve of this guy, he wants to take me to work as if i didn’t just find out that he is married? I just needed some time away from him, i went to work but I couldn’t hold myself I cried. I know this was unprofessional so I decided to go home, I got home i didn’t feel like eating, I just got into my Pyjamas and tucked myself in bed and fell asleep. The next day I decided not go to work so I called in sick and went straight to bed, he called and I just ignored him. This went on for days and I wasn’t feeling any better! I missed him so much I just wanted my man back, but then he wasn’t my man, and that’s the reality i ahd to face. But to be honest out of all the guys i ever dated, the connection with this one was just strong, he treated me right and i felt like his love was genuine. Ok so after two weeks I decided that it was enough, i have done enough moping around and i have done enough feeling sorry for myself. He called me later that day, i remember it was thursday, he asked me if he could fetch me from work and i said yes. I know it was probably a bad decision but i was missing him so much, to be honest i was attached. I had fallen in too deep for this one, he treated me like a queen hey. Ok so after work he was waiting outside for me. I got into the car and we went to town and bought something for supper and we went to my place so that i can take some clothes and the things I will need, then we headed straight to his place! We took a bath together and did our thing while in the bath, I realised that I missed him and I still loved him so much and we went out and we had supper I just had to forgive him…. But eish……
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