Story of a young single mother chapter 10

Vuyi asked them to come in, they did and he hugged and kissed the cute little boy who looked a lot like him, the lady greeted me then she told him that they are here to stay for two days! yhooooo I stood up went to check on his mom she asked me to make some tea for her I did and made myself a cup too, I sat there wondering what was the reason for the baby mama to wanna come and stay here for two days and where was she going to sleep because I wasn’t gonna let them sleep with my man, ngeke shame!! So we just sat there with sis Thandi chatting about general stuff after an hour they came in all of them and sis Thandi was suprised because I didn’t tell her they were here, they greeted and told everyone that they are here to visit because sinoyolo missed his dad. But for some reason i felt like it was the other way round, she is probably the one who missed Sinoyolo’s father… Heeeeeee hayi inzima ibingenofouna nale ntombazana. sis Thandi said OK but told her that Vuyi is staying with me so they will have to be in the big house, yhoooo sana madam just said can’t I spare a child two days to be with his father? I looked at Vuyi and his mom, Vuyi must say something klk. I just kept quiet we all sat there chatting, heeeeeeee it was getting late sis Thandi and Vuyi’s sister prepared supper we ate and then I did the dishes. After that I went to our room took a long hot shower then wore my pjys and went straight to bed. Vuyi came in after an hour, he joined me we chatted and he told me not to worry they are not here to come between us and he had no idea they were coming it was OK I guess.

There was a knock at the door, yhooo hayokaloku I stood up and went to open, i didn’t even ask who was, hayikengo this woman was clearly testing me, she was standing there with the child and said the little boy couldn’t sleep without his dad. I said OK let him come in, she said no, he won’t be able to sleep if she not there. Hayikengu she was clearly after my man. Vuyi woke up and told her that he won’t sleep with her! Either she leaves the child or they both leave. hayike usis started shouting at Vuyi telling him that she won’t allow him to treat her like that… She is the mother of his child and he should treat her with respect, he must put her needs first not my needs, she kept on shouted saying I was a witch who is stealing her happiness. I just stood there, i didn’t have the energy to answer back, they shouted for a long time. Then i got pissed because I wanted to sleep and get some rest I was going to work the next day, I took my stuff then took the car keys and left. I went straight to my place, I didn’t care anymore yazi. I just needed to get away before I say or do something I would regret later. I got into bed and slept! Then after 2 hours Vuyi called me and asked me to come back, i told him not to worry i will see him the next day, he said good night and then I dozed off. I trusted him, I knew he would not allow that girl to sleep there in our bed, the next day my alarm went off so I woke and made my bed then took a shower and took a banana. I didn’t feel like having breakfast. I went to work and Vuyi was queit the whole day, I tried to call him several times but his phone went straight to voicemail. I didn’t worry that much, I was also very busy with work. The day went by and eventually it was now time to knock off. I tried calling for the last time and still no luck!! I went home, i didn’t feel like cooking but I was hungry so i went to steers and bought myself a burger then went home. I just sat there and watched TV. The time flew and before i even knew it, it was time to sleep and again no sign of my man yet. Ok i slept! I didn’t even bath, i was not in the mood. I woke up the next day and did the usual routine. Then I went to work and I dicided not call him at all… I told myself that if he wanted me he will call or come to my place, he didn’t come nor call, heeeeeeeee andisayazi kengoku i was a little bit worried. On the other hand I honestly missed him so I decided to go check up on him maybe something was wrong!!

I parked the car outside and went straight to his room, heeeee to my suprise they were sitting on bed three of them playing happy family laughing and all that. I just stood there by the door, i couldn’t even speak! Vuyi jumped off the bed said its not what it looked like! I asked him what is it then because cleary there’s is something, he was not taking my calls or calling me back, he didn’t even bother to come to my place. He wanted to explain but the lady told me to please leave because I’m disturbing their peace, mnxxxxm I won’t do that I asked Vuyi what was happening? He was so difensive, he told me that everything he did was to please his son, that he loves me and he cannot live his life without me. I told him, its either he lives without me or his baby mama. I left and went straight to my place I was so angry, at round about 9pm he came to my place and apologised for everything, he told me it won’t happend again, yhooo nam mos I wasn’t gonna let that bitch win. So I said it’s OK, he asked me to give him somthing to eat. I stood up and dished up for him, he ate and came to bed and we slept but before that we had a long good round of sex, I missed him soo much, we dozed off then woke the next day and prepared for work. Just as we were both ready to leave Vuyi received a call from his mom saying the girl drank some poison and gave the child the poison aswell. Then we rushed to his place, the ambulance was there already. Then his mom came into the car then we followed them to hospital, when we got there the Dr attended to them, after a little while he said he needed to transfer them to Bloemfontein quickly, they were just sleeping there, both of them looked so lifeless. Eish I thought this was all my fault, what if they die? was heartbroken but there was no time to weep we had to rush to Bloemfontein. And then……..

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