Story of a young since mother chapter 8

My entire day at work was just total bliss i tell you. I found myself smiling all alone every time i thought about Vuyi and the crazy love we made this morning. I was smiling from ear to ear since morning. I was still at work when Vuyi called me and told me to wait for him he was coming to fetch me at work. Ok I did just that and when he arrived I got into the car and I just felt the need to kiss him before greeting him.. haha I guess sisters was smitten #blushes lol ntloko ithambile :) , we went to pick and pay first so that I can buy some things I needed to prepare a meal because he told me that he doesn’t like take aways he likes a home cooked meal, bendingakuthandi ke upheka(i didn’t like cooking) but I cooked for him. We ate together and after supper we chatted for a very long time until it was late, heeEeeeeeee ubhuti wakho ngathi akazimiselanga kugoduka(looks like Vuyi wasn’t intending to leave) anyway I washed the dishes and went on to take a quick shower then wore my Pjys. And that’s when he told me that he wanted to spend the night with me, I said why not?? We then went to bed! He was a man of God so we prayed together and then we chatted again, he told me he has a child with this other girl from the same town as me. I didn’t know her so i was not bothered and besides they were no longer together! Ok so after talking for a long time he asked me to give him a chance to love me. I didn’t really know what to say, he seemed like a good honest man. And remember we started off as friends so i guess you can say i got to know him before i got to know what’s in his pants, so I said yes Vuyi i’ll give you a change to love me :) , then we kissed each other before we both fell asleep, i fell asleep on his chest, it was the most warmest and most wonderful feeling ever. It’s nice to find a guy who actually just wants to spend some time with you without wanting to get in your panties….

Woke up the next day then prepared for work and of course he accompanied me to work and before he dropped me off we kissed good bye then he left, but he kept on calling during the day just to check up on me, after work he came by to pick me up, then we went to my place I packed my bag and we left for his place, i wasn’t nervous about going to his place because i had gone to his place before and met his family, only the last time i was there Vuyo and i were just friends, i don’t know if his family already knew that Vuyo and i were now a couple, but that didn’t worry me at all because they were actually quite nice people. When we got to his place his mom was already cooking so we just sat there watched TV while chatting to his sisters. Before we even knew it supper was ready and we all gathered around the table and prayed before eating and then his mom was asking me lots of questions, honestly I was scared even though she was a very nice woman, maybe i was scared because i was now chatting to her as the woman in a relationship with her son and the last time i saw her i was just a friend of her son, i guess i was scared because i knew that i had to give my best impression if i want to have a good makoti and mother in law relationship with her.. After eating me and Vuyi cleared the table, went to the kitchen and did the dishes together, it was actually quite nice and i enjoyed that he was helping me with the dishes, i prayed that this would be the kind of relationship we have if we get married. You know the kind where he would be helping me do the dishes or helping me change the baby’s nappies… Ok so after doing the dishes we then went to his room, we immediately got into bed to sleep but I felt him softly touching me and i immediately knew what he wanted so I turned around we started kissing passionately, and he did his thing with his magic hands and touched me allover my body, kissed me from my lips slowly moving down my neck and he didn’t stop there, oh no honey he slowly moved down to my chest and used his tongue to play with my breasts and then he used that tongue to play with my nipples just tickling my nipples in a circular motion using his tongue, i was moaning and groaning and tossing and just when i though he was going stop using his tongue he then moved further down from my tits to my stomach, he kissed me on my stomach and on my belly button and then moved further down and used his tongue to play with my clit, lol tjoooh i could feel it jumping for joy, it felt like heaven on earth, Vuyi was just the best i mean he knew how to handle me, not just in bed but the entire relationship hey… Like he was the perfect loving gentleman. He was so good with his tongue when he was down there i could feel my clit jumping for joy yoh mama :) :p :) … I was hot, wet and ready. He then put on a condom and then i could feel the warm awesomeness of the rod as he slides it in, ohhhh myyy he hit the spot wow i wanted to scream from the top of my lungs with pleasure but i had to contain myself, lol i wouldn’t want his mother to think that he is beating me up lol…. I enjoyed him shame, it was awesome i enjoyed every single second and when we were done he kissed me on my forehead as if he was saying thank you :) , then we fell asleep. As usual it was nice falling asleep on his chest, feeling his heartbeat as if it was beating for me.. I was going to the head office the next day so I woke up very early in the morning and took a shower then got dressed. It was too early to eat breakfast so i just took a fruit then a GG came to fetch me. I kissed Vuyi good bye and left. When i came back he was waiting for me then we cooked supper together, but that day truth be told i was tired because of the road, hayi i didn’t even feel like cooking but I enjoyed it just because i was cooking with him, it was so nice and so sweet what we were doing. When we were done we then dished up, the family gathered around the table and prayed before we ate, when we were done, his sister offered to do the dishes, i guess she could tell that i was tired, thank God. So Vuyi and i we went to take a bath together and we went straight to bed.

I slept so peacefully like i always do when Vuyi is next to me, so before i even knew it, it was morning so we woke up took a bath together and rushed to my place because I didn’t have clothes to change so we went there so i could change clothes and go to work.. I was spending a lot of time at Vuyi’s place so we had to get more of my clothes so that i can change. lol felt like my place was no longer my home and I was staying at his place now because of the fact that i spent so much time at his place and most of my clothes were there now. Ok this other day i remember it was wednesday at about 11am and that man from Bloem called, I was soo shocked!!! At first I just stared at the phone, I didn’t answer it until it was a missed call, then he called again and I picked up. He told me he was outside yhooo what was he doing here?? what did he want after such a long time? What did he want after what he did to me when i went to see him in Bloem? My heart started beating very fast, yohh in fact it was racing but I contained myself and went outside. I saw his car and I got in on the front seat, i just greeted him, didn’t kiss him.. He asked me if we could talk I said its fine… He asked me if I’m cheating on him… I was a bit confused!!!! Like I thought it was long over between us so I wouldn’t call moving on with my life cheating! I said no I just moved on without you! He got so angry… I didn’t understand this guy, he told me that today I’m going to kill you and everyone is going be a witness, then he drove the car with rage out of my workplace.. Helang batho bamodimo ke eng na? The guy was crazy, he was not driving the car he was flying it, then he just opened the passenger door and asked me to jump off while the car was moving at that fast pace.. I just looked at him. I was so scared i was even crying! I said no but he was soo angry he pushed me while he was busy driving, and he was driving very fast damn. I flew out of the car and hit the ground. On the other side people were screaming with shock. Some guy whom I was working with came and woke me up but I couldn’t, I hit my head very hard and I was out for about an hour. Then he took me to the hospital, guess what?? the bustard followed us, when I woke up my head was soo damn heavy and very sore. I woke up at the hospital to the sight of this bustard, now i know why his wife stayed away from him the entire time i was dating him, this man was a dangerous freak and he was probably a danger to everyone around him. I now understood why his wife took the kids with her and went to work at another place, i also then understood why his parents welcomed me to their home in Bloem even though the guy was married, they were probably scared of him and didn’t want to make him angry so they just accepted him and his BS… Ok so i woke up to the sight of this monster, then he said to me: “you see the things you make me do because you don’t listen”? I couldn’t speak the pain was just too much. I felt tears rolling down my cheeks, is this the man I loved soo much? he has turned into a monster but I blamed myself, the police arrived to take my statement. I don’t know who called them because I didn’t need that kind of drama. Because i don’t think Vuyi would have liked it either, and i didn’t want him to find out. I was just worried about Vuyi. I told the police we will sort this out on our own so they left, he took me back to work to fetch my bag and then he took me to my place. I took a bath then had something to eat before i drank my pills which they gave me at the hospital. Then i asked him to give me sometime to sleep i will call him when I’m Ok and ready to talk, he told me he was going to Bloem and i was kind of happy because didn’t want Vuyi to see all this mess or even be a part of all this mess because i didn’t want to complicate my relationship with Vuyi and this man’s presence was going to complicate and ruin things with Vuyi… Ok he left and there i was laying on my bed thinking very deep………………