Story of a single mother chapter 7

I tried to ignore all the signs. Tried to convince myself that he will come back because he always does. After work i would go home and then when i am all alone at my place i would just miss him terribly because of all the things we did together at the flat. The things we did in my room, on my bed, on the floor, against the wall, in the bathroom, on the couch and everywhere else we could manage. It was hard for me to keep my mind off this guy because everything and every space in my place just reminded me if him. I would try to call him every now and then but no luck, not sure if he had put my numbers under reject list or if he had changed his numbers altogether. Or maybe he had gone out of the country on a business trip and that’s why i couldn’t get a hold of him.. Lol i was actually trying my best to come up with excuse in attempts to convince myself that he is eventually going to come back to me like he always does. I was refusing to believe that i had lost my night and shinning armor, my smile keeper… But to be honest it wasn’t as painful as i imagined that losing him would be. I think it’s because in a way he prepared me to get used to living without him because ever since since he moved to Bloem he became distant and sometimes he would go for weeks without calling or texting me, so i guess without even knowing it, i got used to it..
But to be honest i missed him so much, ever since i met him i had never been with another man except for him, even when he would disappear for almost a year and come back after a very long time i waited. I had a lot of things to keep myself busy with while he was gone, i had work during the week and every weekend i’d go home and spend quality time with my daughter. Salt wasn’t really much of an issue because since i was living alone at my flat i had quite a number of toys to to tickle my clit with… Ofcourse it’s not like the real thing but those who own toys know that it helps to own a toy during dry seasons, and the best part about a toy is that it can go for as long as you want it to go, unlike some man who cum in 5 seconds. OK anyway let’s get back to the issue at hand, let me tell you what happened next about this man who disappeared without a trace. Ok here is what i did, hehe lol jaahhh neh?? It’s true love can make you do some stupid things. So i went to Bloem this other day.To be honest nam i don’t know what i was thinking hey, i mean a lot could have happened i don’t even know what i was planning to do when i got there, i just left for Bloem out of the blue and my mind was just blank, have you ever done something without thinking? Like have you ever looked for your phone while it is in your hand? Well i think my mind was at that state, i don’t even know what they call it… Ok so when i got there that’s when i started coming back to my senses, i was like ok Katiso you are here in bloem so what now? and i didn’t have an answer to that, phela i didn’t even plan this, i just upped and left. Worst part is that he had changed his numbers, i thought about going to his parents place since they had once met me but then what if i go there only to find that now they have been introduced to another lady, then what? what will i say? worst part what if the new lady will be there aswell? eish maybe this was a mistake, actually this was a mistake. If only i knew the location of his business i would go there but he never took me there. And then i remembered that i am the one who helped him with business cards and i kept a few in my pockets so that i can distribute them around and help him find clients, yes i loved him so much i just wanted him to grow and i wanted to help him grow. I decided that since he changed his personal number i would call his office since i still had his business card.
Ok i called the office and a lady with a nice voice answered and i assumed it was the receptionist, ok i pretended to be a potential client and then i asked to talk to her boss, she asked to hold on for a minute while she transferred my call. Ok so he picked up and then i explained to him that it was me, i didn’t ask him the many questions like why has he been avoiding me or why did he stop coming to see me… No i simply asked him where he was and he said he is around Bloem and i told him that i am in Bloem and i asked to meet because i really wanted to see him… yhooo he made all sorts of excuses saying he is very busy going to visit his mom in hospital, heeeeee love can make do crazy stuff tell you.. I just sat there in waterfront all alone until it was late, even then my mind was so blank, like total shut down, i think there was even a cricket bug’s sound in my mind, i didn’t know what to think. Infact i think i was unable to think… Ok so since it was already late I booked myself at a B&B, i slept there and the next morning I went back home he didn’t call to find out if i was ok or where i slept and I never looked back… I probably should have walked away and never looked back a long time ago, but i have a problem of loving too deep…
When I got home was on my way to pay my account at Foschini when these two guys approached me, they were a few steps away from me when they called out for me and of course I waited for them, after all it was now pretty obvious that Mr volvo is no longer coming back, besides i think i had done enough waiting and when i got tired of waiting i followed him and that didn’t end well for me.. So this guys they introduced themselves to me Vuyile and Sivuyile I told them I was Katiso, and they said they would love to get to know me that wasn’t a problem at all since i am now certain that i am one hundred percent a free woman… We exchanged numbers and I left them to quickly rush to Foschini. Later on that day it was a friday, My friends and i had a get together at my friends place, we bought some booze and meat. We just chilled there drinking and having fun, then my phone rang. I didn’t know the number but I answered the call and it was a guy, he greeted me and said he was Vuyile the guy I met earlier on…. Oooh I remembered, he asked me where I was I told him and he asked me if he could come and see me for few minutes? I said why not? So I invited him over and he came, I stepped outside when he arrived got into the car and we talked. I had to get back to my friends and he also had stuff to do i guess, so we made an appointment to meet the next day. After he left the party went on until early hours of the morning. I went to my place, took a bath and fixed myself something to eat and I decided to take a nap because I was tired ,partying can be quite tiring hey.. But i have to admit i really needed a night of fund and partying after what i had experienced after going to Bloem.
I slept for about an hour or so until my phone rang and it was Vuyile I had saved his number already. He told me he wanted to see and i told him i was at my place and gave him directions to the flat. He said he was on his way to my place, so I got up, took a quick shower and changed my clothes, I looked fresh! when he arrived we sat down I offered him something to drink wine or juice and he said he doesn’t take alcohol so juice it was then, lol why do i akways get guys who don’t drink?? but i liked it because they always have some sort of direction in life, we started chatting I asked him where is Sivuyile the other guy he told me the guy is busy preparing for his wedding oooh ohk, he came out with it and told me that he fell inlove with me the moment he layed his eyes on me and there was a moment of silent. And i thought to myself is he for real??? Man I just lost the man I love and still love I guess and he is telling me this sh***t to do what??? He cleared his throat. And when i heard the sound of his throat clearing I came back from my thoughts and said to myself let me not be rude the poor guy doesn’t know all this, I asked him to please be my friend so long and we agreed on being friends. We were both cool with it, he visited me almost everyday and this other day he came with Sivuyile we sat together for a while laughing about life and when they were about to live Sivu handed me an envelope. I opened it and wow it was a wedding invitation,then Vuyi asked me if I would be going to the wedding I said yheee why not?? but I don’t have a date and he said he doesn’t have a date too, we agreed to go together and they left, it was late already! Honestly I was a bit excited I don’t know why, was it because i got invited to the wedding or was it because of my date? lol i don’t know.. I cooked supper for myself and after eating i took a shower and went to bed early, The next day it was a sunday so i prepared to go to church. Vuyi arrived unexpectedly, he was in his suit and he looked real nice i must admit, he then asked me if he could accompany me to church I smilingly said its OK, I finished up and then we went to my church. After church he invited to his place, he was staying with his mom and two younger sisters. I figured since we are just friends why not? It’s not like i am jumping into a relationship and imediately meeting the family like it happened with Linda, we had lunch at his place. I felt really comfortable and the food was nice, he took me to my place afterwards. I asked him to join me for coffe he stayed until late, after nine he asked to leave I accompanied him to the car and we shared a hug and he unexpectedly kissed me, the first second i didn’t know what to do but I responded with a kiss myself, we broke the kiss and I just left without saying a word and he also left. After a while he called and told he had arrived safe and we said our goodnights, I then prepared clothes for work the next day since it was going to be a blue monday the next day….
Afterwars i got into my pjys and slept, but he was in my mind throughout the night, I wondered why but i Ignored my thoughts and fell asleep eventually.. I woke up the next morning at 5am made my bed and as I was going to take a bath there was a nock at my door and I wondered who could it be soo early in the morning?? I asked who it was then he responded, I opened the door for him he told me that he had to come see me before i go to work because he didn’t sleep well becoz of the kiss. I just said I’m sorry to hear that, I was busy going up and down preparing for work, i went to the bathroom opened the water went back to my room and he was sitting on my be, then he stood up when I got there. He aggressively(in a good way) grabbed me and pulled me closer to him he started to passionately kiss me. Without even thinking about it, I passionately responded and kissed him back, he kissed me for a long time and I didn’t pull away! mhmmmmmmm maybe I enjoyed it heeeee, we broke the kiss and I went to the bathroom took a bath after bathing covered myself in a towel went to my room, heeee I wanted to take off the towel so I could put some clothes on but how???? this guy was comfortable on my bed…. I closed the door behind me and I decided to put the towel down, lol i was totally naked and he just glanced at me while I put on some body lotion, after the lotion i then went to open the drawer took out my panties and a bra, he got up and he passionately pullled me closer again he kissed me again with a blazing passion. I let go of the panties and the bra and they dropped to the floor as i put my hands around his neck and he put his around my waist. we kissed each other passionately mhMmmm I don’t wanna lie it felt soo good especially since it had been so long since i had been with a man, he started to touch every inch of my body, he touched my well I felt felt the fire of passion buring with every touch, he threw me on the bed took off his clothes we kissed so hard until I was turned on and unable to contain myself, i wanted to feel him inside me. I could feel his rod as it was getting hard on my thighs he whispered in my ears that he wants me now!! I said in very low voice “I want you too! right here!! right now!! Then he took out a condom in his pocket, lol i guess he came here so early in the morning knowing exactly what he wants, he came prepared…. He entered me so gently and very slow Ooooh, it was the sweetest feeling ever, i had missed this feeling and the passion was just burning right through us.. We did our thing and it felt soo good, we took about 30 minutes and we released! wow damn this felt soo good. Then we went to the bathroom and took a quick shower together. I was running a bit late so he quickly took me to work. I know i was I was bit late but i was smiling from ear to ear that day… I got it all this morning :) :) :)